Your Guide to Rx Discount Cards

What Are Rx Discount Cards?

Rx discount cards are cards that provide great discounts (even up to 90%) for prescription medication. These cards are also known as drug discount cards or prescription discount cards. They are provided by different companies, that have agreements with many pharmacies around the country. These agreements allow anyone to simply walk in a pharmacy with their prescription and discount card or coupon and pay less for medication.

How Do Rx Discount Cards Work?

Prescription discount cards are very easy to use. All you have to do is search for your prescription drug on their respective sites, and choose your dosage, type etc. Once you do so, you will be presented with the discounted prices in pharmacies near you (you might be required to enter an address or zip code for accurate listings). When you decide on a pharmacy, simply follow the instructions on how to get your discount card or coupon. Most discount cards or coupons can be either printed, texted or emailed. All that is left is to get to your pharmacy of choice, show your card or coupon and pay the discounted price.

Who Can Benefit From Rx Discount Cards?

Anyone. The discounts are free to use, and anyone with a prescription is entitled for it. We all know how expensive medication can get, and basically any person who needs to pay for a prescription can benefit from a discount, so why pay full price? Please note however, that it cannot be used in combination with insurance, only instead.

Are Rx Discount Cards Insurance?

Nope. Drug discount cards are NOT insurance. These are simply medical discount plans, which anyone and everyone can use to get lower prices. You also don’t even have to be a US citizen to use it.

How Can They Offer These Prices?

Most prescription discount card companies have a contract with a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). These PBMs are third-parties that have contracts with pharmacies and negotiate discounts, and can then offer these negotiated prices for a fee. The discount card companies can market these prices and gain a small from the pharmacy in return. There are also discount cards such as SingleCare, which negotiate the discounts on their own. This allows them to skip the fee and offer even lower prices. In all cases, the eventual winner is the patient using the discount, which pays a final price that is much lower than the original price tag.

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